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See how Sumilabel software can lower costs by maximizing data flow and eliminating data input errors!

SumiLabel Software

Our world-class SumiLabel cable identification software is a feature-rich, yet easy-to-use software developed specifically for cable and harness identification applications and is for use with SumiTag and SumiMark® Marking Systems.

SumiLabel allows maximum wirelist flexibility with an intuitive 3-step marker creation-to-printing process.

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Product Overview

Product Features
  • Intuitive 3 step marker creation to printing process
  • WYSIWYG interface mimics product design
  • Unlimited text and integrated graphic options
  • Maximum flexibility for creating markers
  • Excel, SQL, CSQ, MS Access and .txt data import options
  • Proprietary Excel Drag & Drop feature
  • Double sided and single sided printing options
  • Print Queue Manager allows printing of multiple jobs to various printers in unison, eliminating supervision
  • Alpha and numeric sequential feature
Minimum Hardware Requirements
  • Compatible with Windows® 7 and higher operating systems. Not compatible with any previous Windows® versions or non-Windows® based systems
  • 800 MHz Pentium® III or higher processor
  • 4x CD-ROM or greater
  • 512 MB of RAM memory
  • 80 GB of hard drive space
  • High speed internet connection
Technical Specifications
  • Operating Systems Windows® 7 and higher
  • Font Types All Windows® Fonts
  • Font Sizes 5pt to 120pt
  • Networking Yes
  • SumiLabel Version 3.0