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General Description

Silicone Rubber Tubing & Cord
Silicone Rubber Tubing (0.3mm ID upwards) and silicone rubber cord (jointed or cut to length) is extruded in a range of different hardness grades from 20 to 90 IRHD.

Our rubber tubing and cord comes in a variety of vibrant colors and can be tailored to meet your exact sealing requirements.

Silicone Rubber Testing
The full range of rubber products (including epdm rubber sheet, conductive rubber, closed cell sponge rubber and platinum cured silicone) are all subjected to stringent in-house testing facilities from the raw compound to the finished manufactured item.

Typical Tubing & Cord Applications
Examples of typical applications for our silicone tube & cord include:

  • Rubber tubing for fluid movement
  • Peristaltic hose pumps
  • Large bore dairy hoses
  • Electrical insulation sleeving
  • Stud masking tube in convoluted sections
  • Flat rubber tubing for computer ribbon protection
  • Semi rigid concentric pinch valves for liquid or powder handling
  • Cutting and printing services

All our silicone rubber products are manufactured to engineering or commercial tolerances to meet your specific industrial parameters.

Below is a list of SumiTag silicone rubber products. Please click on the image to view details about the product.

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